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Surface Snow Melting

No More Shoveling Snow

nVent RAYCHEM snow melt system for heated driveways prevent the accumulation of snow and ice, keeping your driveway or walkway clear and safe.

radiant heated driveways

Keep Your Driveway and Walkways Free of Ice 

During winter, snow and ice can build up on concrete and asphalt causing slipping hazards for people and vehicles. 

Heated concrete driveways or walkways offer an environmentally friendly alternative to hydronic systems or manual de-icing. This means the heated surfaces will no longer require rock salt, or other hazardous de-icers. 

Our systems can be installed under concrete and asphalt driveways, and will withstand any challenges winter weather produces. Once installed, the system is maintenance-free, so you can face winters to come without worry. 

Comprehensive Systems 

nVent RAYCHEM system for electric heated driveways are supplied as a comprehensive solution including: 

  • Heating cables or mats
  • Advanced energy efficient control units and sensors
  • Components



ElectroMelt Self-Regulating Heating Cable

EM2-CM-MAT Constant Wattage Heating Mat

EM4-CW Constant Wattage Cable Kit

EM-MI-PACK Constant Wattage Cable Kit

Technology Self-regulating Constant Wattage Constant wattage Mineral insulated, constant wattage
Type Cable Mat Pre-terminated cable kit Pre-terminated cable kit
Placement Concrete Concrete Concrete Asphalt & concrete
Use Reinforced ramps Domestic; driveway heating Stair & wheelchair access ramps Loading docks, asphalt surfaces
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Learn How You Can Combat Winter Weather

Visit our winter blog where nVent RAYCHEM Winter Experts share their knowledge on how to minimize the stress cold weather can bring.

Visit the Winter Blog

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