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Welcome to nVent RAYCHEM

Heat Tracing Solutions to Protect People, Processes and Infrastructure

At nVent, we believe that our nVent RAYCHEM heat trace systems ensure a more secure world. 

We Connect and Protect

nvent raychem elexant 510c

nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 510c

nVent RAYCHEM Elexant 510c is a modern thermostat that provides high comfort for hot water maintenance system. Available standard in a unique black design, it provides flexible temperature control and can operate as a standard WIFI thermostat or be integrated in a group of thermostats. It is also fully controlled by the nVent Smart app and a Modbus RS485 port for remote monitoring connectivity, configuration, and ease of integration in a Building Management System (BMS).

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nVent RAYCHEM HTV Heat Tracing Cable Secures Independent UL Verified Mark

Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) recently verified the performance of the nVent RAYCHEM HTV self-regulating heating cable to retain 100% power output following 18 months of intensive, continuous testing at the product’s maximum operating temperature of 205°C (400°F).

This announcement marks the first time the international certification agency UL has verified a heat tracing product’s performance over such an extended period.

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What's NEXT from nVent?

Electrification of Everything

Electrification is changing our world, from infrastructure to accelerated innovation. 5G, industrial automation, power utilities, renewables and smart construction will continue to transform how the world evolves around us.

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Design Tools

TraceCalc Pro

Download our advanced software to design major heat tracing projects. 

TraceCalc Net

Web-based tool to design a simple, multi-circuit heat trace system.