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nVent Launches New All-In-One Solution for Roof Drain De-Icing

A leading provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, nVent Electric plc (NYSE: NVT), is pleased to announce the launch of the nVent RAYCHEM RIM DrainTrace Kit; a pioneering, all-in-one solution to keep flat roof drains free from ice and snow. With a unique star-shaped design, the new kit is a highly effective, easy-to-install solution specifically developed to protect roofs from winter water damage and prevent the build-up of harmful ice dams.

“At nVent we’re always looking for innovative solutions to make winterisation protection as simple as possible for businesses,” comments Knut Bittner, nVent Product Manager. “Our new nVent RAYCHEM RIM DrainTrace kit is the latest product designed with this principle in mind, offering contractors, independent engineers and wholesalers an all-in-one drain de-icing product they can have confidence in to recommend to their customers.”

All-in-one flexibility

When harsh winter weather strikes, flat roofs quickly become covered in a thick layer of snow. As temperatures fluctuate during the day, this surface snow can thaw, flow to weak points such as joints and re-freeze, causing holes in the roof covering to expand. This can make the roof susceptible to damage, and even collapse, due to water penetration. It is vital that roof drains be kept clear and free of ice and snow to allow melt water to be safely drained off the roof before it can re-freeze. 

Designed to offer the best quality winter protection for both new and existing roofs, the nVent RAYCHEM RIM DrainTrace Kit can be easily retrofitted to any drain, reducing the need for costly replacements or additional labour. The new kits are suitable for use on all flat roof types, including bitumen and those with a gravel layer.

One-of-a-kind design

Utilising an innovative star-shaped configuration, the RIM DrainTrace Kit features aluminium drainage plates which provide an ice-free path for melt water, funnelling moisture off the roof before it can re-freeze and create ice dams around the drain. High-quality ice-melt performance is achieved with the use of nVent RAYCHEM IceStop self-regulating heating cables, which offer the utmost in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability, with no risk of overheating and advanced energy saving controls.

The new kits can be used with a variety of control options depending on the unique requirements of the application; from pre-made SBS-R-Panels, to air and moisture sensing EMDR-10 control modules and more simple air temperature sensing only options, ideal for smaller installations.

A solution you can trust

Each RIM DrainTrace Kit includes everything installers need to safe-guard drains in one convenient Quality Assurance approved package, with no additional connectors or components required for complete winter protection. All parts, including the advanced IceStop self-regulating heating cables and cold lead connectors are pre-terminated and fully quality assurance-tested at the nVent RAYCHEM production facility, offering peace of mind for installers and building owners.

As part of its dedication to quality, nVent also offers an unmatched 10-year extended warranty with simple product registry and up to 12 years when the RIM DrainTrace Kit is installed by an nVent RAYCHEM Certified PRO installer.

To learn more about the new nVent RAYCHEM RIM DrainTrace kit, from the comprehensive nVent winterisation portfolio visit or contact [email protected].

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